Monday, August 31, 2009

first name and last name, please + women, women, misogynists

If Googling yourself doesn't quite do the trick, Personas has a cloud-like way of telling you what the web thinks of you. This what came out of mine. Click to enlarge.


full name

Since I use my nickname for work, I find this somewhat surprising. The question is, how much of these are actually me and not my namesake?

[via CANVAS]


I just had to share this piece on women in Muslim countries and this one on women artists after the YBAs. Then somebody linked this one on how the writer has been treated by men to her Facebook page. I remember the times I've been harassed as a foreign woman. Then I think of the men who are important to me. They can be judgmental, but they're nowhere as judgmental as others. Whatever happened to equality and tolerance? Or rather, did it ever actually exist?

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