Sunday, August 23, 2009

goodbye, purplepaper

I first wrote about the London freesheets three years ago, when the only local counterpart we had was Inquirer Libre. It seemed liked a battle to the death, such an interesting fight that I wrote an essay in class about freesheet advertising.

One competitor is leaving the game. It was announced yesterday that thelondonpaper will be closing next month. That's good news for the environment. Less paper in the bins. But I was partial to thelondonpaper because of its design and I would hate to see it lose out to London Lite, which is tabloid in every sense (or at least that's how I remember it). Of course, the two are similar content-wise, but layout means a lot to me. A pretty page makes for a more decent, well, appearance.

Regarding my question on sustainability of the giveaways of the paid newspapers, I got an answer from a podcast I was listening to: economies of scale. It costs less to give away a whole silverware set than you think.

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