Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lunches with Londoners

Two teacher friends, both former London schoolmates, were in town for summer break.

Lunch #1
The gaffe: taking a seat in Mary Grace, then promptly moving to Conti's in Trinoma.
The food: light salad for her, tofu steak (delicious) for me. Pinoy sorbetes and suman later.
The drink: pineapple shake, supposedly a house specialty
The conversation: a bad production at the National Theatre, Romeo and Juliet at the Globe, Overseas Absentee Voting, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur, travel, travel, travel
Time elapsed: almost three hours, including waiting for photos to develop

Lunch #2
The gaffe: waiting for each other in different branches of Powerbooks. Finally met and settled on Kitchen at Greenbelt 3
The food: Black Eye (squid pasta) for her, clam pesto pasta for me. Our hearts were set on dulong pasta, but it was not available.
The drink: bottomless pandan iced tea (sulit!) for both of us. It's like sago't gulaman with neither sago nor gulaman, but still quite good
The conversation: going backstage at The Phantom of the Opera, Masai Barefoot Technology, Wimbledon, Kota Kinabalu, Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage, travel, travel, travel
Time elapsed: three hours sitting down

After these lunches, I was on a high having these independent women, dedicated teachers and passionate travelers as friends. What a wonderful world we'd have if there were more of them.

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