Thursday, March 12, 2009

They beat my folks to it

Two wonderful ladies treated me to a meal each on the same day, at places I've been planning to eat with my folks for some time now.

My parents would tell me that they ate out at Savory in Manila before they were married. Definitely old school. Everytime I would see its sign, I would tell ma and pa that I haven't eaten there (*hint hint*). Businesswoman Ms M, who I once interviewed for an article, treated me to lunch at its SM Hypermart branch in Pasig City.

Savory makes deciding what to eat very simple by offering set meals for one and for two. They're rather good deals. And the chicken they're known for is still good.

A few days later, I had Savory again, this time at the Glorietta 4 Food Choices. The rice was not as good. Food court syndrome...

Since we've covered half of the restos at Megamall Atrium already (Amici, Bigby's, Superbowl, Chef's Quarter, Eat & Go, Secret Recipe), my mom had mentioned we should eat at Kebab Factory sometime. When T offered dinner after our meeting, I could not refuse. We shared Hyderabad Biryani (excellent), Lamb Kebab, Stuffed Chicken Kebab, and Kulfi, an ice cream with pistaschios and rose, for dessert (totally yummy).

T treated me and two others at Kebab Factory again more recently. For some reason, the kebabs tasted even better this time around. Though the complimentary papadom was a little too spicy, the three dips looked great. Our mentor, a sweet tooth, loved the honey-drizzled and nutty baklava.

Thanks, ladies, for the food and even more thanks for great conversation.

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