Sunday, March 15, 2009

Online now: First Monday journal article + Emanate #2

Wordle love. Why is creating word clouds so fun?

After almost a year, my dissertation is now available to the public in a condensed form online. Check it out in this month's issue of First Monday here.

Updated the previous post about the Emanate #2 article.

I'm walking on sunshine, as I told a friend. But seeing photos of the Budapest conference and the presentation ceremony at IOE, both of which I missed, is like catching clouds with a gossamer net (phrase courtesy of Thosos of MusicalTalk). You can never get it back. Why can't I be in more than one place at a time?


  1. Abi congratulations. I used some First Monday articles in my thesis. It is a big deal, girl!!! As, I said before, there is life after CoMundus.

  2. there sure is. thanks, jele! i also read FM articles. very interdisciplinary and accessible :)