Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glorietta 5 + World Builder

Glorietta 5 is now open. It still smells very new. The mall is along Ayala Avenue, between the Rustan's wing of Glorietta and Hotel Intercontinental. There is no covered connection between mainland Glorietta, but expect that to be completed soon.

The building has eight floors: three for commercial use and five upper floors for office spaces. There are food outlets, clothes and shoe stores, and jewelry shops. Bench and National Book Store dominate the ground floor.

I like National here because of the way they arrange the art supplies and also because they are better stocked here than in most other branches. The downside is that some supplies (paper, canvas, pencils) are not located right beside the glass cases where the paints are. I needed to ask the salesgirl to unlock three different cases to buy retouch varnish, paint and a brush. Still not a lot of artist-quality paints, though. Must go to Enriquez one of these days.

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