Saturday, March 14, 2009

MySpace, your music : Blue Scholars + Natalie Walker

I'm still a year behind, but I'm catching up on indie music. MySpace discoveries courtesy of IODAcast: Blue Scholars and Natalie Walker.

image by Tone

What drew me to hiphop duo Blue Scholars is not the thought of Ateneo students but the title of their release, Bayani. Must be Pinoy, I thought. And I'm half-right: Geologic, "the raps" half is of Pinoy descent. Sabzi, "the slaps" half, is Iranian-American. "Bayani" means hero in Filipino and the word in Farsi. Isn't that cool?

Natalie Walker has a voice you'd want to drown in, whatever the tempo of her song is, whether it's remixed or not.


  1. Do you know these guys from school?

    I like their stuff.

  2. nope! will include them in my podcast...once i actually record it. salamat :)