Friday, January 12, 2007

"We stand on a hill..."

Proof that even someone who has never watched a UAAP basketball game can still have school spirit.

This is the video that inspired me to make video slideshows. I hope somebody updates it eventually. For the sake of, ehem, balance, do look up the "I'd rather be Green than be Blue" video on YouTube.


Just when I thought the universe was trying to seriously impress me with amazing coincidences during my trip to Ateneo yesterday (a complicated story to narrate, so let's skip it)...

I finally get my accommodation contract after waiting three weeks. But it's completely in Danish.

I get my visa--wrong type, wrong validity. And the Norwegian Embassy is closed today. And I'm leaving on Sunday. Ahahaha!

That's how life balances it all out. Reminds me of graduation day--I lost my bag and everything in it, but from the moment my name was called until my coursemates' screaming died down, it was completely surreal.

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