Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Spot the difference

Me before and after London. That I was wearing the same shirt is a coincidence. That I took it on the same date of the month was not planned. I took a photo of myself wearing orange because I blended with the color scheme of the place. When I was thinking about where to eat yesterday, I remembered that I had my camera with me.

When I'm alone at Glorietta, I like eating lunch at Spaghetti Factory. Pasta is comfort food to me.

Four months later, I still part my hair on the same side and wear the same watch. But my hair got longer, I tied it back and wore earrings. Anything else aside from the waiters in the background?


  1. Deja vu! Oooh miss that small cozy place at glowryeta!

  2. too cozy, in fact, that now that they use (yellow) tablecloths, i can hardly fit into the chair. and you know how big i am.