Friday, January 19, 2007

Unang araw

Nangayayat yata ako sa unang araw ko sa bansang ito.

I'm lucky that I have a mentor who picked me up from my airport and got the key to my room. When we got to my place, what I was afraid came true: there was nothing in my room. I did have a toilet and a kitchen, but other than that, it's just floor and walls. No bed, no table, no chair, no closet. We went through the contract and went back into Copenhagen. I had dinner with Rasmus and Shiu-Jene at their apartment. They had extra matresses and a sleeping bag I could borrow, so at least I didn't sleep on the wooden floor. There is only one light (in the bathroom), but the heating is good.

One note about Denmark: transportation is extremely expensive such that it brings London to shame. Because I went into Copenhagen, I spent in one day what amounts to two weekly bus passes in London. On the up side, I live beside school, so other than getting supplies from town (there is nothing in the area except dorms and the uni) or from the city, I don't have to spend on much besides food. Plus, the train and bus system seems efficient.

The settling-in process might take a while, but we'll see.

See the shadow of the plane in that little halo in the picture? One of nature's nice little tricks while flying over the English Channel.

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