Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saatchi Says

Yesterday I read My Name Is Charles Saatchi And I Am An Artholic in the bookstore. (Cheapo, yes, but would you pay P595 for a small book that you can read in 45 minutes?) Saatchi, who founded the ad agency that bears his name, is now more famous for his art collection than anything else (except maybe being married to foodie goddess Nigella Lawson). The book is in Q&A format, with questions from the press. Saatchi's answers are witty, as you would expect from an adman. The Daily Beast recently started a series of similar Q&As with Saatchi, with questions from readers.

What kind of person spends $2 on a fancy bottle of mineral water?

Try spelling Evian backwards.

That's my favorite answer from the first installment, which you can find here. Enjoy.

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