Thursday, June 17, 2010

French Film Festival 2010

A little break amid the stream of Expo photos. Will resume tomorrow.

The three French films I saw at Shangri-La Mall this month have their merits, but none of them are the kind Hollywood would remake. The one common element they have is the adolescent who seems as grown-up as the adults.

L'heure d'été (Summer Hours, 2008)
Cast you might know: Juliette Binoche
In five words: a domestic drama with art
The best part: Musée d'Orsay

La fille du RER (The Girl on the Train, 2009)
Cast you might know: Catherine Deneuve
In five words: stay away from compulsive liars
The best part: the soundtrack

Le genou de Claire (Claire's Knee, 1970)
Crew you might know: Eric Rohmer
In five words: daily diary in play form
The best part: body-con costumes that fit perfectly

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