Sunday, June 27, 2010

Four years, 1500 posts! + For your MP3 collection, part 34

Has it really been four years since my first post on this blog? Unbelievable. And I'm still posting daily! (365*4=1460. I'm averaging 1.027 posts a day.) I wonder how long it takes to read all 1500 posts. Raise your hand if you've done it. (Congratulations, you're officially stalker material! Besides that, you've grown up with me.)

My original reason for blogging was to keep family and friends updated about my life abroad. But now the blog has a life of its own, existing in a universe parallel to mine. Stay awhile. Listen to some tunes.

I'll be on leave for a few days to catch up with work. Drop by again soon.

Anni Rossi:"Crushing Limbs"-happy horror

Bobby Baby: Goodbye Love (Goodnight version by Peloto)"-restful unrest

Bodies of Water:"Rise Up Careful"-slow build-up

Bosques de mi Mente:"Dib├║jame un cordero"-a delicate thing

Capullo:"Power point de amor"-kitschy fun

Elf Power:"Stranger in the Window"-lifetime by the sea

End's Not Near:"Indian Summer"-montage soundtrack

John Grant:"I Wanna Go to Marz"-sweet cravings

Polock:"Fireworks"-dancing in the moonlight

QualooD:"Shadowland"-eternal playback

Tatsu:"5 Hours in Rain"-hello monsoon

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