Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pinto Gallery, Antipolo City

office chapel
the office (left) and the chapel (right)

green fount tribal council
still fountain and the tribal council lookout (leave your tiki torch outside)

Pinto is an art gallery in Antipolo City set in a garden. There's a lot of water around in ponds, an artificial waterfall near a tiny ampitheater, bamboo and tropical plants that sometimes make you feel that you're in the rainforest. I'm afraid I'll encounter frogs here during the rainy season.

In the main gallery, Dennis Ascalon's exhibit featured textured works that have carved outlines akin to comic strips. His drawing style makes his figures appear whimsical though they're PG. The colors are too strong and straight-from-the-acrylic-tube to me, but I think that's intentional.

There are three pieces in the same size by different artists, all of them with a 1920s feel. In front of the Silangan gallery, Jerson Samson's Mona Lisa with a giant toothbrush and Starry Night in the background is a play on the perfect smile.

Dr. Cuanang, being a patron, must have a massive art collection. Construction has begun on the museum, which should be completed by December.

There was a TVC shoot that day, so we avoided the crew and didn't make it to the rooftop.

outdoor shower and bed?
so med! (left); an outdoor shower... and a bed? (right)

in front of a Borlongan (left) and the wrong pinto (right)

my guide E

the last leaf

bamboo house
at the bamboo house


reminds me of the Jewish Museum in Berlin


  1. Your Borlongan photo looked like you were Inside the canvass :) Or must be my eyes.. I am growing a year older in a few days...

  2. ahahaha! surreal. happy birthday in advance, marie!