Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cafe Inday by Chef Geo


Cafe Inday is a new restaurant at the home of the late Antipolo artist Inday Gadapan. You can see several of her portraits by other artists, as well as her artworks in different media. The place is hidden away and hasn't been formally launched, but Chef Geo's friends have been testing his creations since October.

menu board and pepper
menu board and Pepper the dog

Tried out the parma ham and pastrami paninis (P170), which have mustard, zucchini, eggplant and tomato in them. They're served with potato chips. I had affogato, which is more of a dessert than a drink: coffee poured over vanilla ice cream. We had espresso shots on the house. Your choices of sugar: brown or muscovado. How about that?

Chef Geo is working on cold espresso. Presentation is always key, so expect something fancy when it's done.

what I'll have next time: farfalle with basil cream

without the mood lighting


love the door

I'll be back for the pasta and the lamb.


  1. Where is this located?

  2. Antipolo City, Philippines. Don't have the exact address, unfortunately.