Saturday, September 6, 2008

The web series grows... and so does the cowardice of Anonymous

As a new medium, the web series is starting to become a little more sophisticated. Although it's not yet the popular alternative to TV, production values are starting to get better. The NYT pits the web series against its older cousin, the viral video. If your bandwidth can take it, have some more.

60Frames-Get Ripped, Who What Wear, Carpet Bros
Clark and Michael-Clark Duke and Michael Cera!
IT'S ALL IN YOUR, Moonshine and Satacracy 88 A Love Story, Project X, Cataclysmo, Nora Breaks Free

Richard Bernstei, in IHT's Letter from America, dares to shine a torch on online anonymity. Although by no means thorough, it's a good piece to start a discussion with. How low will anyone go? We're only beginning to find out.

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