Thursday, September 25, 2008

For your mp3 collection, part 19

Azoora:"Restless"-will make you so

Brad Sucks:"You're Not Going Anywhere"
-mean man

The Foxholes:"No piensas más (3fasic remix)"-addictive beats

HardStroke:"Intro"-not what you expect

Le Loup:"We are gods! We are wolves!"-hypnotic claps

Le Mépris:"hikkikomori"-sadness I love

Les Haricots Libres:"Ça Tombera Pas Plus Bas"-most amusing vegetable

Little Jackie:"The World Should Revolve Around Me"-fun diva

The LK:"Stop Being Perfect"-pop ambivalence

Reno Project:"Urban"

Trundicho:"The Night Before"-plectrum playa

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