Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello, Betty!

I didn't watch Yo soy Betty, la fea or Ugly Betty, but ABS-CBN premieres I Betty La Fea tonight, if anyone's interested. This brings me to my point: I am her.
Eleven years ago (and this is not my worst photo)

Last week (and this is not my best photo)

Of course, I no longer had glasses and braces when I started to work for magazines, but I picked up a lot from people in publishing--little things like posture, walking properly and dressing up, all of which are helpful.

Thanks to my opthalmologist, orthodontist, hairdresser, and all the stylists and makeup artists I've ever worked with who showed me that there's hope for all of us. Hahaha!

Did I just miss my dermatologist? I have not seen her in ages and I know she will give me a good sermon when I become desperate enough to see her.

If you can't be beautiful, be Bettyful!


  1. nice! we all have our childhood pictures we'd rather hide and keep in the baul forever.

  2. abby yao! natawa ako! hahahahahaha!

    but you're no longer her now--you're all dandy and blooming and all that jazz! =)

  3. @atty oliver: i just wanted to have it out in the open because i have unflattering shots everywhere anyway :)
    @shine: thanks! now we can do a chicago song and dance ;D

  4. Hmm... well I still did fall for you when you were all nerdy. but that was 9 years ago, so maybe you didn't look like that picture anymore. Still, I was competing with another guy, so don't underestimate your natural beauty. :)

  5. oh. my. god.

    k.c., have i ever told you that no guy has ever topped what you did then? (AMND) it's still the sweetest thing anyone ever did for me. :) keep in touch, ok? i will have lots to tell you in the coming months.