Sunday, February 18, 2007

Work and play

My host university is known for its problem-oriented project work. The process of getting into a group is totally hegemonic. There are five of us in our group: myself, one Spanish girl and three Germans. Our topic has to do with climate change (a long way off from diaspora, I know), but the particulars change every time we meet. We have meetings in school before classes, but since they all live in Copenhagen, we agreed to meet at Copenhagen Business School last Thursday, bought food at the nearby Føtex and had dinner at Irene's place a short walk from there. After dinner, we went to the Studenterhus at Nørreport to watch a live band with experimental music whose lyrics are all "ahs". Maybe not what we expected, but it was free.

I got myself a library card at CBS and borrowed a book for my Computer Games essay (backlog!). You can see the tickets I use to get around: 2-zone for Roskilde (a bit over P1000), all-zone for Copenhagen (~P3150). These are good for 10 trips (5 round trips) on practically every form of transport except taxis. I have to make the most of my trips because of the cost.

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