Tuesday, February 27, 2007

For your mp3 collection, part 2

Don't dump your snow on my backyard. Times like these, you need more musical finds.

The Black Keys: "Meet Me in the City"

Dinosaur Jr. : "Almost Ready"

Kathleen Edwards: "Away"

José González: "Stay in the Shade"

Low Skies: "To Fail You"

Magnet: "Hold On"

Morcheeba: "Lighten Up"

Oneida: "Run Through My Hair"

PINE*am: "Gymnopedie 0.1"

Michael Penn: "Walter Reed"

Amy Ray: "Covered for You"


  1. Waw is there a subject matter reflecting this playlist? I think i can spend a whole day just listening to Morcheeba's 'lighten up'. Thanks for sharing!

  2. none at all. subconscious, perhaps? it's a complete mishmash. :)

    very happy that you like that. i'm enjoying being a DJ of sorts, too.