Friday, February 2, 2007

Karaoke night

I got this from the e-newsletter of RUC's International Club:

WHAT: Karaoke evening
WHEN: this wednesday 31 of january, from 20.00 to 23.30
WHERE: Gimle-Café
Join our cool Karaoke evening! Choose a song and sing, alone or with a friend.
A free shot for the first 5 performances. And if you're from The Philippines, you will surely be among those 5 first. The world knows how much you guys like Karaoke ;)Don't miss it this Wednesday eve!!

Eh ako lang ang Pinoy sa
club. "Represent!" ika nga ni Indi. So I went, kinda pressured. Few people, mainly Viktorija, the Gimle crew of volunteers and some Danish rocker dudes. No Magic Mic, just CDs of minus ones and lyrics on the screen. But it was fun. I did my best not to embarrass our nation's vocal reputation. Next time I'll take pictures.

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