Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Transitive Verses, part 2

Flying is a great time to clear your head.


The city is a network of synapses,
constantly fired by an unknown source.
Unseen in the daylight,
resplendent at night.

[20 April, AK836 KULBKK]


across the aisle,
a crossword puzzle teasing each empty square.
across the room,
the blank tile on a board of words.
across the sea,
a trail of messages floating on unseen waves.
across this table,
the vast void between you and me.

you are nothing but a character in my head,
floating in a plot i am itching to finish,
its elements suspended in limbo--
a story waiting for a writer
who cannot find his pen.

ultramarine on teal,
a band of midnight blue
lightning flashes behind the space
where darkness kisses
the last flares of sunlight
over a rusty hue.

the fading symphony of colour
arranged in seven bars.

shivering in this well-lit cabin,
wishing for warm arms
to fight the blues and yellows.
the odd fishing boats scattered
below me like fallen stars.

[20 April on AK836, KULBKK]


Maghapon sa loob ng paliparan,
Hindi man lang makalipad.
Nakapusturang pormal
Habang nakaupo sa tabi,
Nagsusulat ng mga pangalan
Ng mga hindi nakikilala
Ngunit paparating sa ilang saglit.
Nakikita mo ba ang palatandaan,
Napapansin ang paparating?
Pagod na naghahanap ng anino
Habang nakasabog ang mga papel sa sahig.
Walang katapusang paghihintay,
Walang humpay na pagdagsa,
Ang listahan ay walang hangganan,
Laman lamang ang iyong pangalan.

[20 April, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport]

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