Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Canon, meet new Canon

I cannot deny that I am a Canon point-and-shoot camera person. And there is no need to since I am proud of it. Presenting my newest toy, the Canon S95. It is my third Canon camera since 2006 and I don't plan on switching brands anytime soon.

The IXUS800, taken with the S95

Goodbye, IXUS800. You served me well for almost three years. I will never forget you, my dear, as the circumstances of your coming into my life were magical and you saw me through my last six months in Europe. But now it is time for us to part.

The s95, shot with the IXUS 800

The S95's sensor and low light capabilities are impossible to refuse because I want to take photos of our play (and you know how dark the theater can be). My brother is envious--a very good sign. With HDR, fisheye and miniature effects, taking photos will be even more fun. I cannot wait to take photos of the show tomorrow and on Saturday!


  1. I am envious as well! Looking forward to seeing the pictures! Have a good weekend, regards from Oslo

  2. I have yet to test the camera under good lighting conditions.

    Hope the family is well. :)