Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ang Negosyante ng Venesya

Most of you already know that I'm appearing as Nerissa in Teatro Baguntao's production of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, translated into Filipino by Rolando Tinio. We have had eight shows so far, but since I have alternates, I've only appeared in two (both for Ateneo HS freshmen). Next Saturday we have a gala, possibly my second-to-the-last show. The venue is tiny, but if you are sure to come, let me know so I that can reserve a ticket or two. Tickets are at P150. My last performance will either be a benefit show or an outreach show out of town, so it's Saturday or never.

Joining the production in November has been nothing short of a riot. Although I know that my writing gets read and people view my paintings, I never get to see my audience. Live performance has instant feedback and gives a different kind of high. Being the oldest member of the entire production, I find working with teenagers stressful yet fun. It must be karma for teasing my brother for hanging out with kids. I do get a kick out of blending in. It feels great to feel this young.

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