Saturday, January 15, 2011

ACET results: an annual tradition

My brother has a yearly habit: taking photos of the ACET results as posted outside the Blue Eagle Gym and uploading them. This time, because of my castmates at Teatro Baguntao's Ang Negosyante ng Venesya, I have reason to re-post.

Congrats to Jai, Jayjay, Jerome, Joe-Nel, Josh, Justin and JV! All of them opened the show with me last Monday, which is an interesting coincidence (aside from that fact that all their names start with J). Apologies to anyone I might have missed.

[Update] Good job, Junjun, Nica and Gian! Didn't know your full names earlier. I feel like a proud sister.

View the ACET results for SY 2011-2012 here. It's in semi-alphabetical order, so scroll up and down if you don't see the names on the edges. Blue Eagle the King!

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