Friday, January 28, 2011

From the stash of unwatched films: Like Minds

I'm not quite sure why, but I never got to see Like Minds (a.k.a. Murderous Intent, 2006) even if L had given me a copy years ago. Or maybe I had seen it, but it has been completely erased from my mind. Because I have a memory of comparing notes with L. No, I couldn't have. Is someone playing with my mind?

The subtle suspenseful kind. This is a well-made high school thriller written by Gregory J. Read, with excellent performances from Eddie Redmayne and Toni Collette. Tom Sturridge could have done a better job. Regardless, I am thoroughly disturbed.

Trivia from Wikipedia:
Sturridge became Robert Pattinson's best friend and was supposed to take on the Hayden Christensen role in Jumper. Redmayne attended Eton, won a Tony award for his performance as Mark Rothko's assistant in Red, and modeled for Burberry.