Sunday, July 2, 2006

Winter wish list

Zara and Mango are on sale. That wouldn't normally excite me because my budget has no allowances for splurging on Spanish imports. But I simply had to see if they had discounted winter clothes, so I went to Glorietta to see if I'd get lucky.

Nothing much there, just a few pieces for the cold weather at Zara–a hip-length off-white leather jacket for P5950 (pretty, but comparable to my raincoats) and a black trench coat (huge) for P4550. It is July after all, and the Spring/Summer collection must be disposed of.

I'll have to content myself with my recent purchases, a black hooded down jacket (P499.75) and a pseudo-fleece quarter-zip pullover (P249.75), both from Surplus Shop, and Thinsulate gloves from Greenhills (P150). Good quality, great price. I doubt I'd find anything brand new that cheap where I'm going.

Still hoping I'll find a trench coat and warm knee-high boots I can walk in.


  1. 2 words for you: ukay-ukay! u're welcome here anytime!!!:D

  2. ganda ng zara sale!!!!! i love their tees. mahal nga lang 'yung mga winter stuff nila, sayang.

  3. It seems like we could not find nice coats -- too expensive but try to find things on SALE. :) Women tend to do a lot than men do: make ups, shoes, dresses, bags, and the like. Very rare! :) Aye?