Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swing out, sistahs and brothas!

Last month, after the Latin American Festival, knew I wanted to dance. While searching for dance classes in Kuala Lumpur, I came across the website of KL Swing. They have Tuesday Night Swing at Sid's Pub Bangsar South, a stone's throw away from my old home. I showed up every week and met more experienced dancers.

Socials at Sid's Pub (top row) and Shivz Grill (bottom row)

I also started attending LindyKL's Friday night socials at Shivz Grill in Bangsar and introduced my team to swing and lindy hop (and fortunately they enjoyed it).

Last Sunday, Swing Out@Publika was a pretty cool introduction to many who are new to swing.

Both KL Swing and LindyKL have free taster classes for beginners. You just need to buy a drink to support the venue. If you find yourself free in KL on a Tuesday or Friday night, come join us!

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