Monday, June 11, 2012

Rooms with a view

Next weekend, I will be moving out as my housemate is leaving the country for good. My first experience of condo living has been a wonderful four months of morning descents and nightly uphill climbs. I will miss this place, the hilltop view and the daily workout it gives me.

My block isn't here, but you get the picture

From the balcony

Night view from the other room

From the other side of the building, showing Bangsar South developments. KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers are tiny lines above the leftmost crane.

For foreigners moving to Malaysia, start your search for a house or condo here:

iBilik - still the best for individual rooms for rent
letaroom - often overlaps with iBilik - some interesting ones pop up here occasionally - great for analysis of condos and - good for buyers
The Star Online Classifieds - little detail
roomlah - listings still sparse

Wikimapia and Google Maps can help gauge distances such as the distance between condos and LRT stations, if that is important to you.

Good luck!

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