Saturday, May 12, 2012

Transitive Verses, part 5

Even more embarrassing thoughts from the commute. I really shouldn't be posting these but I feel compelled to for some reason I cannot understand.

the men arguing at the corner have it better
they're exchanging ideas, mind to mind.
the neighbour who honks and waves as he drives past
at least makes a sign that you exist.
who dares to escape this haze
when sandals scrape the pavement
where the cats don't budge an inch.
why try to decipher
what madness one wrestles with,
walking through cobwebs
just to see eye to eye with you.

[SkyBus, 3 May]

Can't even tell if you are a star and if you are, what what makes you so bright?
The street lights race across the window but fail to measure up to you
Like minarets against the dome.

I've changed more than you know, eyes lined awake, nails black as jet,
But I only want one kiss from the dusty, pockmarked face
Of the big white moon tonight.

[SkyBus, 8 May]

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