Thursday, May 3, 2012

Transitive Verses, part 4

baju kurung

has someone ever told you, little girl, that your head is above the clouds?
see: the sun won't show you the world yet but time ambles on for none.
the tracks grumble under the weight of heavy slumbering wheels.
you need to keep reality in check, you and your paisley dreams.
envy the man beside you with a screen, defeating evil in pixels.
watch your neighbours sleep grey naps as the day begins
and your mind wanders far with you and your paisley dreams.
so count your black shoes and whistle as buildings fly past,
watch the city wake with a groan, the cranes spring to life,
as the mist rolls on and leaves trails behind
for you and your paisley dreams.

[LRT, 2 May, morning]

comment message update

when they say the screen is blurred
they mean their eyes have swelled--
you've been away too long
that your absence weighs upon the waiting,
the ones you left behind.
the mothers feel as though
they've lost all their children
while watching the drama
on a blue-and-white screen.
(their sentimentality is catching)
a woman's heart is crushed every second
into tiny fragments that cannot be recovered
and this will happen over and over
until all turns to dust.

[SkyBus, 2 May, evening]

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