Friday, May 27, 2011

Thoughts before the weekend

I am sure that my dream last night came from a Facebook poll. There was a question in our group about restaging our play. In my dream, there was going to be a restaging. The play was to happen that day. I thought I had everything with me until I realized that I was missing two of my props: an orange and a fake moustache. Panic! I didn't have a script, either, and I also realized that I had forgotten my lines. Today, in my waking hours, I figured that I didn't really forget--my alternate and I went through our first scene and the words came back.

It's only been less than four months but it seems like ages since we last had the show. Today I went back to the theater to watch their summer production. It was great to see everyone again and I feel proud that they are owning the stage.


In other news, I am creeped out that my niece has been using my photos (the unrecognizable ones) as her profile photos on Facebook. I don't think it's right. To think that she isn't even my contact. I messaged her and asked her to stop it. I could imagine some people act out their fantasies online, but I don't think Facebook is the right venue for it.

[Update] She has since apologized and removed the photos. Her current profile photo: anime characters.

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