Sunday, May 22, 2011



Flew on AirAsia for the first time on our way to Bali via Singapore (there's no direct flight from Manila to Bali). What impressed us is that it didn't feel so much like a low-cost carrier.

airasia airasia

Ma appreciated that they still had complimentary water and peanuts, and that you can buy hot meals on board (not just the instant kind). My brother liked the FA uniforms. I liked the black leather seats. If you didn't see the in-house ads on the tray tables and the overhead compartments, you wouldn't think you were on a budget airline.


The in-flight magazine could take a hint from the re-design of Cebu Pacific's Smile. That and the small inconvenience of taking the airport bus are the only downsides. We'd be happy to fly on AirAsia again. Can't wait to see what AirAsia Philippines has to offer when it launches in August.

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