Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear A team

This has nothing to do with the movie or TV series.

It's my third time in Boracay. For the third time, it's for work. I've been here three days and I haven't wet my feet yet. I go home tomorrow. I'll take a dip before I leave.

Here is the letter I emailed my workmates yesterday:

Hello a---- team,

As the plane flew into rainy Kalibo yesterday, a thought ran through my mind: the weather is good. At least we won't be miserable indoors thinking about what we're missing.

In Boracay, it was cloudy with a chance of free puto and fruit. On hindsight, I should have made the most of that opening session merienda buffet. I found out later that there's no such thing as a free dinner (or breakfast).

Checking into the apartment in the evening, I was saddened that I wouldn't have the chance to catch up on my TV viewing. Reception (via Ms Susan via Elsa via Patty) warned me that my next door neighbors are very sensitive to any noise. My fingers are tiptoeing as I draft this.

I woke up hungry at 230 am. With the aircon off, I could hear the crickets outside. And the occasional tuko. I opened the aircon so that the neighbor won't hear me munching on biscuits as I typed in the semi-darkness.

I'm not sure I'm looking forward to Saturday morning, when I will finally have time for the beach. Boracay has changed quite a bit since I was last here four years ago. The seaweed is not always greener on somebody else's beach (The Disney reference will escape some of you younger guys.)

Aalog-alog ang apartment. (The bed can sleep the editorial team; there's space for everyone's sleeping bags on the floor.) Wish you were here.

A Jonah's shake to you,


  1. Love the letter! I wish I can write like that.

  2. Thanks, Sasha! I have to keep my officemates updated on my whereabouts because I'm often out. I'm sure you can write like this. You only need little details to build on. :)