Friday, November 6, 2009

You know you're in a small city when...

Coming into Cagayan de Oro from the airport, the van passed by Xavier University. That reminded me of S, a CoMundus alumna who was in London a year before me. I had never met her, but she was my contact on Facebook, so I knew how she looked like (from the photos) and that she taught at XU. I did not have her mobile number, so I thought, nevermind.

That evening at Limketkai Center, I saw a familiar face. I waved at her. S recognized me. We exchanged numbers and planned to have dinner two nights later, on my return to the city.

The night of our planned meeting, I had just come from an awful boat trip, where I got very sick. Though I wasn't up for a night on the town, I dragged myself to dinner.


How about that?

D said the same thing happened to him in Guam. He had planned to meet two of his friends who lived there, but something went wrong with his Internet connection and they weren't able to schedule a meeting. He ran into both of them at the mall.

It's a small world after all.


  1. have to fully agree. ours indeed is a very small world. sometimes it just plain baffles the mind. cheers!

  2. hi abby! you saw xavier university?! the school next to the it is Lourdes College. Dun ako nag-Kinder and Grade 1. hahahaha :)did you go to Twinkie's? That was my favorite burger place when i was 6. :)

  3. nag-aral ka pala sa CDO? we went to the barbecue place sa tapat. i forgot the name :D

  4. hej abby! i just read this blog. was really nice to see you here in cdo. surreal but nice! indeed, it is a small world. knus*