Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where to take a dip in Camiguin

Sto. Niño Cold Spring

It was drizzling when we went here, which explains why there is nobody in the water.

Ardent Hot Spring

This is probably the most popular place (I don't have the guts to take photos of bathers, but believe me, they're there).

Four of us from our party took to one of the warm, relaxing pools. Half an hour is not enough!

Soda Swimming Pool

A recent addition to the list of Camiguin attractions. But don't go looking for softdrinks here. From what I gather, the soda here does not refer to carbonated (fizzy) water but to the sodium carbonate naturally present in the (potable) water. It was totally deserted when we were there. Could have had it all to ourselves if we didn't have other places to see (I posted in reverse order).

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