Monday, November 9, 2009

New tools

I bought a few useful things from two stores in Galleria.

From Saizen: a 100mm scraper and rust dissolving jelly, P85 each.

I've been looking for a very wide palette knife (they also have those, but you're better off at National *wink*). A scraper seemed the perfect option, but the branded ones at True Value are too expensive. The scrapers at Saizen come in various sizes. This is the widest one I found.

The rust dissolving jelly isn't what I expected it to be. It's more like a thicker version of Glo metal polish. Be careful not to get it in contact with your skin. I got a slight rash even when I was barely touching the stuff.

From Beabi, funnel and dropper, P20 each. This month-old store is reminiscent of Anonymous, with its white plastic containers for different purposes, and plain bags and organizers. They also have a branch at GB5. Looking at their items, you will remember all the plastic bottles you've ever thrown away. I suddenly wanted to take my old contact lens holders and use them to store paint (which I did when I got home). Recycle, people!

I got these to make transferring turpentine and linseed oil simple and spill-free. I've only tried the dropper and it works quite well.

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