Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sex and the single scientist

While reading New Scientist, I saw this.

The visual is so funny that I had to tell my brother, arguably the bigger nerd between the two of us. He said this TV show theme song started playing in his head.

No guarantees that you'll find guys as funny as those on the show on New Scientist Connect, a.k.a., but I suspect they're there, if you look hard enough. (You might need a scanning electron microscope though.)

The service is run by The Dating Lab, which provides similar services to other media brands.


  1. This is strangely funny that I have to comment.
    Is the well respected and dignified NewScientist now capitalizing on that much hyped thing called 'love'? :)
    Definitely made my day.

  2. am sure there are scientists who are not so skeptical about relationships, but i guess they're always theorizing about the formula for the perfect one :) thanks for dropping by!