Monday, November 21, 2011


An approachable world-famous designer can be cuter than a popular footballer.

It is amazing how self-conscious even a non-fan can be on the couch next to the Younghusbands.

The most unexpected thing you can do at 9am: walk into Shamcey Supsup's dressing room by accident.

When the male Brazilian models are out, navigate their dressing room with care. Too many shoes scattered on the floor.

The downside to drastic haircuts is having to re-introduce yourself to people you've met before.

My lack of interest in freebies is strangely comforting. My lack of interest in parties, even those with many famous artistas, is comfortingly acceptable. Honestly, Jett Pangan was the only person I regret not seeing. Ok, maybe Lloydie too.

You mustn't take things too seriously, not even at awards shows.

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