Monday, October 24, 2011

The Facebook RPGs: Dragon Age Legends vs. D&D Heroes of Neverwinter

I signed up for these turn-based games because of my familiarity with Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights. I quickly found out that 2D can still be interesting...until it gets repetitive. Both Dragon Age Legends and Dungeons& Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter have social aspects, activity outside of combat, and refresh times for characters. However, I prefer DAL over D&D:HoN for the following reasons:

DAL (left) and D&D: HoN (right)

1. The look. There is a clear difference in the aesthetics. I prefer no-stroke graphics and gradients.
2. Loading times. D&D:HoN takes ages to load.
3. Free is fine. No need to spend to move forward in DAL.
The downside is that there is no difficulty level in DAL and some battles are just too easy. And then, there's the refresh times to deal with. We'll see how the higher levels go. But I'm close to giving up on D&D:HoN.

Tried either of these? Tell me what works for you.


  1. combat is too easy huh? i thought i remember you saying before that it was about the story, not the fighting. :P

    <3 your new splash screen!!! the rocks and architecture are so beautiful!

  2. thanks, ian!

    i guess on fb, there's not much story to speak of. it's more about getting ahead and leveling up, seeing how far you can go. :)