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I wouldn't call it breathtaking—not early in the afternoon at least—but there was something unnervingly magical about the Dalmaji district of Busan. The description of the road, however, is breathtaking for the wrong reasons: “The Dalmaji Road is the 15 curves road along the coastline scenery from Mt. Wawoo leading to the Songjeong Beach beyond the Haeundae Beach and the evening moonviewing at this place is beautiful beyond belief and it is one of the Eight Exquisite Beautiful Scenes of Korea.”

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Starting from the top of the hill dotted by cafes and wedding photography studios, I worked my way down and only realized that I had missed the very thing I had gone there for when I got to the low end of the stretch. I walked back uphill into the side street for the art galleries and came down again until I returned to the beach.

IMG_2648 IMG_2666

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I just had enough time to lose myself but never quite get lost, thanks to the streetside map that I took a photo of. I stumbled on the asphalt and scratched my palm, with only the incline to blame.

There were some interesting pieces and spaces. I only wish I had someone to discuss them with. I suppose that loneliness lent to the romance of the place. All of it still lives in my head.

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