Monday, February 14, 2011

For your MP3 collection, part 37

Akito Misaki:"The Sound of Rain"-for moody weather
Automatique:"Lovin (Freefall From Space)"-intergalactic travel
Brokenkites:"Days Not Today (Slumbernaut Mix)"-can't get up
Ghost Bees:"Did The Red Sea Part"-Grandma Moses
Le Gros Ballon:"What's Left of Dreams"-for a dreamy ad
Lima Tropical Beats:"Nos Divertiremos"-with a drink in hand
Nick Rivera:"Happy Song is a Happy Song"-but not
The Seedy Seeds: "Verb Noun"-grammatically sound
Simple:"Books"-no reading required
Sin Fang:"Almost Everything"
-a special place
Yellow Ostrich:"Hold On"- animal sounds + words

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