Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here's my answer to the question you failed to ask: no, I do not delight in breaking hearts or turning people away.

I don't see you any differently simply because I hardly know you. And I still don't.

You could not have been serious when you asked me to kill you. An emo-ment, I take it. Besides, I'm pro-life (defined as pro-choice but anti-abortion, in case you wanted to know).

It would have been wise to learn from your friends, who know me in some way or another a bit more than you do. You know me mostly from second-hand accounts, possibly like a mythical figure.

Facebook is part of my job. It counts for very little. But it's too late for this, isn't it? Un-friend me if that makes you feel better. But only if.

At times like this, paintings fail me. I am glad that for any occasion, I have both words and images at my disposal. Which brings me to what I hope this leads you to.

If there's anything I want from you to take away from this experience, it is the challenge to draw from what you feel now and do the best work you've done in years. If you think I am harsh and unfair, focus the energy on your canvas.

Go on. Paint your blues away. Then I'll see you at your show. Maybe then we can have an actual conversation.

Someday, you will look back at your message and smile at your young self. And that's just ok. :)

[UPDATE: He saw this note on Facebook and took up the challenge]


  1. i could say the same thing myself :)

  2. just saw this blog while surfing the net and I saw this post..the guy seem to have an effect on you that you actually wrote a blog entry just for him and posted it on Facebook...well, just an opinion.. you're blog's great and I enjoyed reading it.. =)

  3. since he used facebook to contact me, i figured it wouldn't hurt to elaborate on my PM to him here. anyway, nobody knows who he is because the clues are too vague.

    thanks for dropping by! :)