Saturday, August 18, 2012

National Textile Museum + KL City Gallery

Intrigued by its facade, I visited the National Textile Museum (Muzium Tekstil Negara) near Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka) hoping to have a better appreciation of Malaysian textiles. I came out of it wanting more. Maybe I'm asking for too much from a free museum with limited space, but there's something off when your favourite gallery in the textile museum is the one with the accessories.

The entrance hall made of glass is away from the road.

Nyonya kebaya


An intriguing buckle with numbers

The most unusual thing I saw in the museum. Can you guess what it is for?

Various types of traditional Malay clothing

Right across the road from the museum is the KL City Gallery. This thinly disguised ARCH souvenir store is aimed at tourists (think 10% KL history--which is short enough as it is, 90% gift shop). Don't get me wrong--I find ARCH wood veneer products beautiful (though quite expensive even though they are handmade).

A craftsman at work

A collection of framed ARCH souvenirs

Gift shop ceiling


  1. Is the necklace something a bride wears during her wedding?

    Anyway, I can see that there are interesting pieces and textures in the museum.

  2. It's actually a modesty disc worn by children.

    Yes, there are interesting pieces, but if you've seen a lot of batik and songket before, it might bore you.

    Thanks for dropping by!