Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ulrich Schnabel, I want to believe you but I do not want to be idle. Then again, you are no slacker yourself.

Donald Gunn, you charmed me. But transcribing you was nowhere as enjoyable as the interview.

Alan Rickman, you are no hunk. Not after Sense & Sensibility, the Harry Potter series, Love, Actually (where I found you pretty gay even after cheating with your officemate), and Sweeney Todd. But there is something in this Texas music video that actually makes you--dare I say it--hot. Even if you were in your mid-50s at the time.

The song is old, but I only saw it today. I have to call out the person who is responsible for these inappropriate thoughts, one Mia Marci, who described the feeling as what you get when the friend you never thought attractive gets a girlfriend and suddenly he's magnetic. Or something to that effect. I have to agree.

Now excuse me while I have another view of that petrol station tango.

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