Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A declaration

Allow me to say something bold.

Next year, I will take a sabbatical. (I hope I can take one every five years--it would be five years since my year in Europe by 2012).

I will work on my solo exhibit. I will do theater. I will travel. I will write. If I get lucky, maybe I'll even get to sing and dance in a chorus, but that would be pushing it.

The primary goal is to create a considerable body of visual work. If that is my first and last one-woman show, then at least I can say I was able to do it and not regret that I never had time for my art. I will need a gallerist who believes in me, and a lot of inspiring conversations to keep me going. Will you sign up for the task?

It will not be easy. It will drain my resources and some people will not support the idea. But I have made this declaration to the universe. I will put in the hours. God will take care of the rest.

And here's a little something for you. It's not complete because I haven't quite learned the whole song yet. Slightly out of sync, a number of bum notes, but it's not completely terrible.

My 29th birthday
29 March 2011


  1. aba, bertsday mo pala. :) Haberday Abby!

  2. salamat, rica! inggit ako sa mga lakwatsa mo. enjoy your day :)

  3. wow solo exhibit! :D happy birthday abby! :) good luck with your sabbatical, i hope you find happiness in your endeavors.

  4. thanks, ian! it's just a plan at the moment. let's hope everything falls into place. :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    I think is a great idea.

  6. gracias, patricio! i've got a year to work it out. :)