Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meet the team

Meet my new fighting squad in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakenings. Not quite as engaging as the original, but I'm curious enough to know the ending to finish this over the holidays (I hope). Not that I'm in a rush. Dragon Age II (trailer below) won't be out until March 8.


  1. oh! i used sigrun + ogrhen + anders too. high damage team. justice is interesting as a character... but my main is an arcane+battlemage so she does justice's job.

    i found awakening too short. i accidentally finished it. i was expecting more political backstabbing and more of wade's smithing surprises. but ended too soon. well i can always play again. :D

    have you played leliana's song? it's my favorite addon. i like the way the story is told and the music is just great. i would think DA2 would be similar. it's really nice when your character has a voice.

  2. ditto on your comment on justice. mages rule.

    hope to find leliana's song! thanks for the tip :)