Saturday, November 20, 2010

3D and 3 art events

Manila Bulletin, through its PR agency Thinline and blog ads provider Nuffnang, invited bloggers to its event at the Picasso in Makati City last night, so I was curious to find out if they had something new to announce. Credit goes to the paper for being the first newspaper to come out with 3D images. I had actually been following this closely from day one. A combined version of my writeups (here and here) appears in our November-December issue, which features the world's top commercial director on the cover.

I was skeptical about 3D at first (and I guess I still am, a bit), but with advertiser support, the concept has proved so interesting and viable that even the Philippine Daily Inquirer followed suit. And there lies the challenge. To call itself a leader in innovation, Manila Bulletin has to continue coming up with firsts because as soon as the innovation is copied, it becomes yesterday's news.

MB's iPad app is also available now. It's a smart and relatively easy move for the broadsheet, as their digital facsimile is already on the web. But as app versions become standard across dailies, apps should deliver richer content to maximize the functionalities of tablets.
The challenges remain: getting people to keep their 3D glasses and to ensuring that the photos work well in 3D, requiring stricter quality control in the photo manipulation.

Being at the Picasso already, K and I stopped by Art Cabinet and looked at the pieces on the ground floor. We had just been to Manila Contemporary the day before, so I was very thankful to have art back in my life. To cap the night, I went with R to the opening event of Fete dela WSK, which I enjoyed despite my tiredness.

I actually have photos and videos, including scenes that are more appropriate for a bridal shower, but since it has been a while since I last put up a long text-only post, I will keep things simple. Adieu.


  1. 3D photos in magazines? That sounds bizarre, in my opinion. What? Are the readers supposed to wear 3D glasses while reading the magazine on the subway or at home? And once someone comes into the room, asking the magazine-reader something, he looks up with those silly red/blue shades on. "Oh, oops, I was looking at the pictures of this magazine".

    But I guess 3D as a marketing gimmick is here to stay. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    Btw, Fete dela WSK looks interesting! Thanks for the link.

  2. the 3D images are in the newspaper, to be viewed with the red-and-blue glasses. yes, it is somewhat bizarre. but the technology will eventually catch up and glasses won't be necessary anymore. then it will be totally normal.

  3. i agree. gimmick. just a false sense of high-tech. i does not add any sort of functional advantage over the usual. when the novelty dies down, it's all back to content.

    i am reminded of this though (which i find very cool)

  4. for this medium, it is a novelty, but i think it's a different story for the moving image.

    yes, it's a cool link. thanks!