Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weird Wednesday

Today started terribly and ended terribly. I was supposed to work from home but the DSL connection was down. My call to PLDT was so important to them that they put me on hold for 20 minutes before I could talk to a customer service representative.

I ended up working at a cafe because I needed wi-fi. I spent the equivalent of my day's salary in the 10.5 hours I was there because I dare not commute with a laptop.

Why so long? It rained heavily in the afternoon, causing massive traffic jams that lasted until late. Three kilometers took us nearly an hour, and that was already because we went off-road.

"See Abs, life is never fair," said my brother. And he was right. People were walking along the highway because they could not get a ride.

"I've never been as happy to see X-Factor," said my brother about one of the shady clubs on our way home. "I can't wait to get to Nevada (the next shady club)."

"There are stars!" he remarked when we got home. "The rain was there to piss everyone off." And piss everyone off, it did.

But the Internet was restored, I did a fair amount of work and we are all safe and dry. It's just another weird Wednesday.

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