Monday, May 17, 2010

Reading material + International Museum Day 2010

I am here but not.

I have tons of stories that I am forbidden to tell you.

So let me say the things that I am allowed to share.

I've read a good number of magazines in the past two weeks (including at least two issues each of Juxtapoz, Art Auction, Modern Painters and Wallpaper). This struck me most.
As greater works become rarer, substitutes of lesser quality are being upgraded in status. At the same time, another, more insidious process, rarely acknowledged by professionals, keeps down the prices of some admirable masterpieces. Because buyers have fewer and fewer works on which to train their eyes, a dwindling number of connoisseurs can recognize great paintings.
-Souren Melikian, "Shifting Perceptions", Art Auction April 2010
By the time you read this, I'll be somewhere in the highlands. You'll hear from me again next weekend. I have hundred of things to show you.


It's International Museum Day on May 18th. Entrance to the Lopez Museum is free.

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